By default, any user account becomes inactive if there has been no activity on for a dedicated period of time. "Activity" is defined as any action that affects an account's balance (e.g. sending a message, account top-up, API call that relates to a transaction, use of HLR service, etc.).

What Changes for an Inactive User

If your account has become inactive you will receive an email notification from the system so as to be informed and prompted to reactivate your account.

If your account has become inactive and you are trying to log in, you will see the following notification, prompting you to change your password

All inactive users who have followed up the process and reset their password, are entering a 7-day “pre-active” state in which they need to perform at least 1 transaction (as defined above) that will alter their account’s balance. 

Any user who fails to make any transaction within the 7-day period will become inactive again.

Once you have managed to change your password, and you are in a position to log in to the platform, you will need to activate your account by using our services. You will also need to create new API keys if you have any in the past, as they are already considered expired.

Users with Google Login & Third-Party Integrations

If you have acquired an account with the platform either via a Google login or with any third-party integration (e.g. Shopify, WooCommerce etc.) you will also receive an email informing you that your account has become inactive and that you need to contact support, since in those cases you will not be in a position to reset your password on your own. It's a process that our developers team will need to manually follow on your behalf.

User Accounts with Team Members

All sub-accounts of an inactive "team owner", either those were "invited" or "generated", are not affected unless they have reached the inactivity period themselves.

If you have any questions, please send an email to