Once you sign up to SMS.to platform, here are the features you can use for your SMS campaigns. 

1. Marketing SMS 

  • Bulk SMS or SMS Blast
  • SMS Broadcast or SMS Campaigns 

Send SMS to multiple or bulk recipients for the purpose of advertising, notifying, reminding a customer. Some of these marketing campaigns are offered in the food industry, fashion and clothing brands, etc. 

2. OTP (One time passwords) 

When customers use the bank mobile app, the bank can send an OTP in order to secure their customer's log-in. 

3. Transaction notifications

Transaction confirmations that are used by businesses or establishments when customers order food or bought airline tickets. 

4. Appointment or Payment Reminders 

These are reminders that can be sent to customers such as to remind them about their doctors appointment or the due date for their insurance policy. 

5. 2FA (2 Factor Authentication) 

For a more secure log-in or sign-up to your website, you can send customers a 2FA notification. 

6. Rent Numbers 

You can rent Long Code Numbers for 2-way SMS. This means that you can send and receive SMS. 

7. Viber Messaging 

Send your marketing and transactional messages through Viber. 

8. HLR Number Verification 

Don't waste time sending SMS to invalid recipients. You can quickly verify your list of mobile numbers before you send your SMS campaigns using the HLR Number Verification feature. Discover which mobile number is still active or not. 

If you have any questions, please send us an email at support@sms.to