As a free service to our customers and to prevent them from unnecessary cost, we check all phone numbers used on to see whether they are valid or not. An invalid format can mean:

  1. It does not exist at all or
  2. It was provided in an invalid format 

so sending towards this these numbers would fail anyhow but would result in a charge for both and for our customers.

To check number validity, we recommend this 3rd party tool:

We will only completely prevent sending in case a campaign is configured to go to 100% invalid numbers.


If only a part of all numbers of a campaign are invalid, we allow sending to avoid unnecessary interruptions by forcing our users to clean their list of numbers before being able to send.

For those numbers of the campaign, which are invalid, we will not try to send a SMS to prevent you from unnecessary costs. Instead you will find them with status REJECTED  in your Message Log.