Sender ID 

A sender ID is an 11-character, alphanumeric string, that can be used as the "from" address for SMS text messages that are sent out, MTs. Sender ID commonly used for SMS programs that are one-way (outbound). Known as 'Originator' In Text to Join programs. 

The alphanumeric sender ID gives the sender the ability to send messages using a custom ID constructed from a combination of alpha (a-z, A-Z) and numeric (0-9) characters, including spaces/blanks. Any other characters (e.g. dots) are not allowed. Using a SenderID makes the sender of the SMS identifiable to the recipient of the message. Companies can use their brand or company name as the SenderID. has adopted the general restrictions in some countries where alphanumeric SenderID is not supported by default. Some of them requires a pre-registration. To learn more about this restriction regarding SenderID, please visit this article. You can determine which countries support alphanumeric SenderID.


Sender IDs cannot be used for incoming SMS messages - a short or long code is required for inbound messages. Sender ID capability is based on country and carrier requirements, and is not supported or compliant for use e.g. in the US or Canada. For more information on which countries can use sender ID for SMS traffic, please contact your Account Manager.

Please note that when using a rented long code as a sender ID, it needs to be used in the international format but without the leading plus sign (+)
Example for Cyprus: 35794585001

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