Some countries - especially EU, USA and Canada-have defined a directive that says among other things: whenever you contact customers via email, SMS, etc. you have to give them (and inform them about) an easy way to opt-out (get dropped off the receiver list). Even if not sending to an EU/USA/ Canada customer, we always recommend for our customers to do so. The opt-out feature is basically like the "unsubscribe" link that you often find at the bottom of newsletters or emails. provides the ability for customers to allow their recipients to STOP receiving SMS / opt-out of the campaign. This feature does not work for sending to single numbers but only to Lists.

Recipients have the option to STOP receiving SMS when Unsubscribed. 

Opt-out link

The opt-out link is a feature that should be available to all list recipients, so that they have the option to visit the link, if they wish to unsubscribe and no longer receive SMS / opt-out from the SMS campaign

Note: The Opt-out link is only available when sending to a list of contacts. 

To use the Opt-out link

1. Visit Send editor. 

2. Under New Message, click on Select List. Select the list of contacts you would send your SMS campaign to. 

3. In the message editor, enter your campaign text and click on Opt-out link. This will insert the opt-out link in the message content.

4. Send your SMS campaign. 

Recipients who will opt out through the link will be automatically removed from your next campaigns.

You can receive reports for customers who chose to unsubscribe, by turning on the Receive Unsubscription Reports in your Account settings. 

1. Click Settings under Account on the left side panel, then click Notifications

2. Click the radio button of the Receive Unsubscription Reports for Email or SMS or both. 

3. A message will appear to confirm the changes. 


Users may utilize the Optout Management Feature. Through this feature, you can provide a URL, which all opt-out requests will be forwarded to. You may use this to save & process the opt-out information in another platform or other IT systems (e.g., CRM system). 

Default Optout Callback URL

When a recipient unsubscribes, the JSON load with the following structure will be sent to the specified URL via POST method:

     "timestamp": unsubscription date,
     "unsubscribed_number": opted-out phone number,
     "source": TollFree number or Optout Link

To enable OptOut Management

1. Click Settings under Account in the left side panel, then click Webhook Management

2. Enter the Callback URL in the "Default Optout Callback URL:" field > Click "Save"

Please also see: 

Un-/subscription is not a real-time feature. Actions may take up to 24 hours to come into effect. 

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