platform supports both Long Codes and Short Codes. We also provide an option to connect a toll free number on our platform. rent different long code numbers that can be used for the following actions. 

1. 1-way SMS (toll free numbers, long code numbers) 

2. 2-way SMS (long code numbers) 

We give an option for customers to rent those numbers. Customers can subscribe to a plan so they can use those numbers for 2-way SMS. At the moment, 1-way SMS automated renting is not yet available. 

Long codes are general use phone numbers available for smaller daily use. They typically work with voice, SMS, and MMS. These are usually available for purchase immediately and can be used to send up to 1 message per second. Majority of customers will use long codes. There is a recommended limit of 250 sends per day per long code. You can buy multiple long codes if needed. 

ShortCodes has an exclusive license to the following numbers. This means that controls everything from this number. 

8808ExclusiveDescription link

Short codes are 5 or 6 digit numbers bought for a large volume of SMS/MMS sends and replies, and in some countries like the USA require a lease for national registry for a minimum of three months. This process may take 8-12 weeks to complete and costs more than long codes. 

Applies to USA Customers: Customers with a higher volume or user base, who also requires higher sending limits (30 messages per second by default) may consider purchasing short codes. 

Note: Availability depends on the country

Sample ShortCode keywords: 

Your customers can SEND STOP 12312 to 8808 to Unsubscribe  for Cyprus. The 12312 number should be replaced by your own userID. This costs 0.05 euro per output request.  Users can use different keywords, it's usually the same with their UserID. 

If you have any questions, please send an email to