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While in many countries there are no restrictions at all on SMS sending and you can start sending SMS right away, there are also certain countries that have implemented filters on their mobile networks, that allow only pre-registered traffic to be delivered to the handsets and might prevent unregistered traffic completely - regardless of its content or purpose.

Customers understandably often find it inconvenient to have to go through or even pay for such procedure. Anyhow, these restrictions are not imposed by but by the local authorities. can only be your agent in this process to help you fulfill the requirements and submit your request to the local authorities for processing and approval.  We have no direct influence over the final decision, over the required documents or over the time that it will take to achieve one.

Our own part in the process will usually only take a few minutes to submit your application as soon as you provide us with the necessary info and your consent to start the process for you.

Rest assured our agents will try to make this process as convenient and fast as possible for you.


Why do certain countries define such processes?

Some countries choose to have full control over the SMS traffic to prevent unwanted traffic from being sent. The most effective mechanism to achieve this is to prevent any traffic until it is registered.

To understand this better, think of traveling restrictions. You might be allowed to travel to certain other countries and cross their border without having to go through any checkpoints (for example when traveling in the European Union). But at the same time for other countries, you would have to apply for acquiring a travel visa first, maybe even have to pay a fee for it.

In this analogy, is the travel agency, which can take you there, help you submit the necessary paperwork etc. But it has no influence over the official agents, which will process your visa application or check your documents at the border when you are about to cross it. 

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