The Affiliate/Referral scheme is designed to reward customers that referred new active customers from their professional networks. By inviting your professional network you will receive a % of the revenue generated by your referrals for the first 12 months of their life as an customer. Your professional network will be invited by the emails you provide, and should they accept the invitation and signup on, you will be rewarded for their activity.

The affiliate scheme is only available for all our existing and active customers.

Affiliate/Refer a Friend” section can be accessed from the left menu located on the web panel.

Under the Affiliate/Refer a friend section you will find 4 different sections

  1. Your Referred Members
  2. Rewards
  3. Invite your friends
  4. Payout Settings

Invite your friends

In this section you can send invitations and see the list of sent invitations and their statuses, how many pending invitations there are, how many invitations you can send in a given day and other limitations (the maximum number of pending invitations allowed as well as the maximum number of invitations that can be sent in one day):

Sending invitations & invitation statuses

When you click on the “SEND INVITATIONS” button, the following popup will appear and will offer the following options (methods) for sending invitations:

  • Upload CSV (a sample CSV file is provided and user can download it)

  • Paste (brief instructions are provided on the popup)

This popup also shows information about the limits on how many pending invitations there can be and how many invitations can be sent per day.

After sending the invitations, you will be able to see an overview of your pending invitations and who accepted your invites.

Generating an Affiliate Link

In the Refer a Friend section use the Generate Referral Link button to generate and retrieve a URL. Every referred user that will sign up on via this link will be recognized as a referral by you in the same manner as users invited explicitly via email.  


Your referred members

In this section you can see all your referred members (users who have accepted your invitation and registered on With this interface you can easily search through your referrals, sort them based on different criteria, see how many are active, pending and inactive. 

Finally, you can see the sum of all rewards (for this month and lifetime) earnt by each referred member (for more details on “Rewards” please check below).

Statuses of referred members

Once the invited person accepts the invitation and registers, then he will automatically become a “referred member” with Pending status.

Then when he verifies fully his account and his phone number will be Active.

If this referred member gets banned for breach of our Terms and Conditions, then the Inactive status will be shown.


Whenever a referred member makes a successful payment, a new reward record will be added (for the user who invited the referred member). By default, the amount of the reward is 5% of the payment amount (without VAT), but this percentage is variable based on multiple conditions and will be defined by your account manager.

All rewards and referral payouts are recorded in euros regardless of the currency that you have set up on your account.

In “Rewards” section you can see all your rewards that came from the payments of your referred members:

This section displays following:

  • Eligibility: When will the rewards become eligible for payout (by default, a reward will become eligible for payout 3 months after creation)

  • Duration of accruing: How long the user will receive rewards from referred members (by default, you will receive rewards from referred member for the next 12 months after he accepted the invitation and registered on

Also, you can see the following useful statistics:

  • Rewards this month: The sum of all rewards (that are or will be eligible for payout, requested and paid) from this month;

  • Rewards lifetime: The sum of all rewards (that are or will be eligible for payout, requested and paid);

  • Total Payouts: The sum of all payouts that were paid;

  • Eligible for payout: The sum of all rewards that are eligible for payout;

  • Requested (pending): The sum of all requested (pending) payouts currently being reviewed by our support staff;

  • Canceled: The sum of all rewards that have been canceled by our support staff (this will not be visible if there are no canceled rewards).

Reward Statuses and Payout Requests

If the reward is not yet eligible for payout, the date when it will become available for payout will be displayed:

As explained above, by default a reward will become eligible for payout 3 months after creation. The "Status" column will show which rewards are eligible for payout. Also, if there are rewards that are eligible for payout, then a button that allows you to send a payout request will be available:

You will be able to request a payout in the amount equal to the sum of all rewards currently eligible for payout.

Once you have set Payout Settings

Once the payment method details are provided, you can then click the “Request”  Payment button. A requested payment will have a Requested status untill its paid out from our team to your defined payment method or account balance.


Refunded payments

If a payment from your customer gets refunded or cancelled, then all rewards that are not already marked as paid will also be canceled. 

Payout settings

The user can choose one of three payout methods:

1. Account balance: This will add your payment request amount in your  account balance.

2. PayPal: If you  chooses this method, you will have to specify a valid email address associated with your PayPal account:

3. Bank transfer: If you  choose this method, you will receive a bank wire in Euro and you will have to specify Beneficiary name, IBAN, SWIFT and Bank address

If you have any questions, please send an email to