Team Management Features (Sub-Accounts & API) offers powerful Team Management/Sub-Account Management features.
This facility offers a great array of tools for Resellers (managing multiple sub accounts) and big enterprises with multiple departments.
Every new team/sub-account comes with their own auto generated API key, balance and message log.

The features in summary: 

  1. Team Management Page (List of Sub-Accounts with Name, Email, API Key, Balance, Status)
  2. Create an autogenerated team member or invite an email to sign up to become a team member
  3. Activate/Deactivate a team member at any time
  4. Credit/Debit Balance from any team member
  5. Create Auto-Recharge automation when a team members balance is low.
  6. Full statistics per user (Number of messages, total cost)
  7. Filtration of Message Logs per sub-account/team member
  8. Switching Team Owner to Team Member & Vice-Versa 


Team Management Dashboard
Manage and organise your sub-accounts through our control panel, create new accounts on the fly, disable/enable add balance, enable auto triggers.

Adding or Removing Balance

Select the amount you want to Credit or Debit from a sub-account, and that amount will be instantly removed or added from the Master Account Balance

Invite or Create new accounts

A complete guide on how to create or invite new team members

Creating an auto-recharge trigger
You can always manually top up your sub-accounts/team member balance when it runs low, you can also setup an auto-recharge trigger to make sure that your accounts will always get topped up by your master balance when they run low.

API functionality for team management:
All of the sub-account/team management features are completely programmable and accessible via our powerful API. That allows you to easily manage your team remotely, add/remove credits on demand, view reports, message logs. You can access the documentation below and see the full list of team management features below.

Features you can manage from the API are:

  • View all team-members
  • Create team member account
  • Disable/enable team member/sub-account
  • Credit/Debit team member/sub-account
  • Delete Member
  • View/Delete existing team invitations
  • Invite new members to your team.

Switching Team Owner to Team Member & Vice-Versa
If by mistake, a Team Owner has switched his own account to become a Team Member or if they wish to do so on purpose, this operation is reversible. 

All the client has to do is select Teams from the account settings on the left side, and then click on the little man next to the account that needs to be switched.