How to activate scheduling

When composing your campaign they will be sent immediately after submitting by default. 

You can activate the schedule function via the later button: 


The logic behind it is the following:

1) We suggest to set your account settings to the value that is valid for where you are based so everything will be shown in your actual timezone.

2) If above setting was made, it will always be used as a default value when triggering new campaigns, BUT:

3) You can - optionally - overwrite it for each scheduling.


- You are in Spain so you set the timezone to Spain.

- You send a campaign to Spain so you leave it unchanged and schedule the campaign for 11:00 AM Spain time

- You send another campaign to Japan and you want it to go out at 11:00 AM (Japan time), so in the schedule options you configure 11:00 AM and change the pre-filled Spain timezone to Japan's timezone.

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