We do understand that it may seem a good idea at first to use content like:

  • This is a test
  • Hello world!
  • Testing for company ABC
  • Hello X, please let me know if you receive this message

However, we do not recommend to use such content for your test. The world of SMS is complex and content may be filtered at several points between you and the handset, which you use to test delivery.

Above examples might be recognized as P2P traffic (People to People) and therefor might be blocked e.g. by the local MNOs (mobile network operators). 

P2P traffic is not allowed and might accidentally result in a permanent ban from MNOs or on our platform.

We recommend to do your tests with the exact content examples in the original language and using local characters (if not English) that you intend to use later for production.

If your company sells flowers in Spain, then for your tests you would ideally use examples in Spanish language about a flower shop that you would more or less exactly use also when contacting your customers in live campaigns later. 

Sender ID

The same conditions as above apply here as well. You should be using your own Sender ID (and not SMSto or any other) to ensure successful delivery towards the desired destinations. If you do not have a registered Sender ID please go through this article to find out more and contact us to initiate the registration as per the requirements.


We recommend you use real phones with SIM cards. Testing with virtual/rented numbers may or may not produce good results.

We also do not recommend sending multiple SMS in a short time to one phone number. Traffic might be blocked/filtered for flooding.

Testing Delivery Time

Please make sure you understand how status reporting works. Details are described in the following article: My messages are delivered with a delay

If you have any questions, please send an email to