Send-SMS is a third party software, which can be used to easily connect ManyChat to's powerful SMS API instead of the built-in SMS solution of ManyChat, which currently allows sending SMS to only a very limited set of countries. 

With you can send SMS to almost any country in the world - see International Sender ID regulations and requirements (list of countries) for more details.

Be sure to choose a good Sender ID Sender ID which ideally uniquely identifies your brand but also is in line with the technical restrictions mentioned in the article technical restrictions mentioned in the article..

Please refer to the following links:

  1. Send-SMS app for ManyChat & SMSto
  2. How to integrate (video)
  3. ManyChat

When the integration is set up as described above, you will be able to use's SMS features by adding the action Send SMS to your

  1. Flows to send single SMS
  2. Broadcasts to send campaigns - one customized message to a larger number of receivers.

For any questions and inquiries regarding the Send-SMS plugin we'll do our best to answer them but the technical experts for these topics are the support team at ManyChat and the authors of the Send-SMS plugin.

When copying your API credentials from SMSto to ManyChat please make sure that there are no leading or trailing blanks.

If you have any questions, please send an email to