Use the merge fields feature to insert information from your imported contact list - for example using Microsoft Excel or similar tools. 

IMPORTANT: Follow the format below when you import your list, whether by importing a .csv file or using the copy and paste option. You can replace the fields (except for the phone field) depending on the fields you'd like to use. For example, use the name field as job title. Instead of inserting a name, use a job title. 

To use the merge fields feature, follow the steps below.

1. Click Send in the left side panel.

2. In the New Message page, select the contact list you'd like to use. 

3. Once you have selected a list, the Merge Fields will automatically be active. 

4. Compose your SMS message under Write Message box. 

4. To select the fields you'd like to use, click the Merge Fields button. 

5. The options for fields will come up. 

6. Select the field you want to use.

7. Once you have selected the field, it will be included in the SMS message. 

8. The SMS message will show the field based on the information provided in your contact list. 

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