On several occasions you might want us to look at one or more messages you sent via our service. For us to be able to help with such requests, we need to know the message ID(s) of said messages. 

Please provide it to us as text.

While screenshots are generally helpful, we count on your understanding that we cannot work with screenshots only for the purpose of checking messages. Neither is it sufficient to provide only a phone number since often more than 1 message was sent to this phone number - sometimes even from different customer accounts.  

Here's how to find the message IDs:

  1. Please visit your Message Log on SMS.to
  2. Please use the above filters to find the message(s) in question. During your search, you can utilize the search field to identify the logs of a specific number.
  3. Please note the message ID as the first column of the results
  4. Download the current view via the Export button or copy & paste the message ID to a location of your choice, e.g. as described in the article: My messages are not delivered & how to escalate to SMS.to support

If you have any questions, please send an email to support@sms.to