Sometimes messages are not delivered. The possible reasons for this are theoretically endless but most of them can be eliminated by us after proper investigation.

For us to be able to investigate any such issues without delay, we need a qualified description, which should at least contain the following information:

  1. Example Message ID(s) (please see How to check logs on & find the message ID) as text - please avoid screenshots here since we will not be able to copy the values from a picture.
  2. Problem description per example
  3. Message status that you received from us. 

Even if the problem you are encountering might not be related to single messages but to all your traffic, please provide us with one or more examples anyhow so we'll best be able to help you.

Please include this information in an email to us:

For security & privacy reasons, kindly make sure to contact us from the email address linked to your account.