You can create sub-accounts or users under your team in your dashboard. To learn more on how you can create sub-accounts, please guide through the below steps.

Generate Member

Log in to your dashboard, click "Teams" on the left side panel, and then "Generate Member".

The system will automatically generate a new sub-account, which will be visible instantly on the table of the aforementioned screen (see below image).

By clicking the edit button (pencil icon under "Actions" column) you have the ability to rename the sub-account as desired. Click "Save" for the changes to take place.

Invite Member

Alternatively, under the same tab you have the ability to create a sub-account by inviting others. Simply click the "Invite Member" button, type in the recipient's email address and click "invite".

Once you complete this step, you will see a new table on the screen, namely "Invitations", that will display a list of the invitations sent.

All invited members will receive the below email to complete the process.

When the invited member clicks on the "Join Team" button, they will be redirected to the dashboard to complete the sign up process. Once the below form is completed, the new team member is granted access to the dashboard. 

If you have any questions, please send an email to