Before you send your SMS campaigns, we highly recommend you run the HLR clean-up first. This is to ensure that you are not sending to invalid or inactive mobile numbers. Cleaning your list of contacts allows you to save costs and time before running your SMS campaigns. 

Learn how to use the HLR feature from this link

1. In your dashboard, click HLR Number Lookup. Then click Reports. When you're done uploading your list of contacts for verification and have run the HLR for it, you can download the report. Please note that the collection of results can take some time until the full HLR report is ready. 

2. After clicking "Download", the process of exporting the number-lookup report will start, and you will receive the results via email in a .csv file. 

3. When you receive the results via email, review the list of verified numbers and remove or delete the ones that are marked invalid or non-working mobile numbers. Then import your cleaned list of contacts before sending your SMS campaigns. 

Learn how to send to a list of contacts here. Start sending your SMS campaigns after ensuring your contact list is clean. 

If you have any questions, please send an email to