With your SMS.to account, you can use shortlinks to track your click through rate. Recipients can click on the link included in your SMS campaigns that may lead to your website or promotional contents. You can send a shortlink to a single recipient, multiple phone numbers through the Paste Numbers option, or from a list of contacts you have imported. 

Note: for the "Paste Numbers" option you can only paste up to 2,000 numbers each time.

1. Click on Send button in the left side panel. 

2. Choose the recipient of your SMS campaigns or enter their mobile number if you are going to send it to a single recipient. 

3. In the message editor, click the Shortlink button. You can create a shortlink or choose from the existing list that you previously created. 

    a. Create a new shortlink, provide a name for the link then enter the url. Once done, click the Create button. 


    b. To select from an existing list of shortlink, choose from the list by clicking the dropdown arrow then click the Add button.

4. To keep track of the activity done by your target audience, you can create a unique shortlink per user. 

Important: To better gauge the effectiveness of your SMS campaign, we recommend you utilize the Make shortlink unique per user. It does not only allow you to track and analyze the success rate of each campaign but it also allows you to get more from your audience by tracking the clicks back to the single contacts, their number and more info.

  • Track each click to determine who participates in your marketing campaign
  • Profile your audience better, use the right campaign for better results 
  • Get detailed campaign report 
  • Receive real-time feedback based on audience engagement

Below is a sample report when you use Make shortlink unique per user

To enable this option, click the radio button under Make shortlink unique per user, then click on Add or Create button. SMS.to will automatically create a unique shortlink for each recipient.  


4. When you're done creating the link and editing your SMS message, click the Send Messages button to send your SMS campaign. 

5. You will receive a notification that your SMS campaign was sent successfully. 

View Shortlink Reports

Click the Shortlink Reports button on the left side panel of your SMS.to dashboard. The Shortlink Reports will show you how many times the URL was clicked. 

You can also view the detailed Shortlink Report by clicking the eye icon. 

If you need to download the spreadsheet, you can export the file from the platform by clicking the Download button. 

If you have any questions, please send an email to support@sms.to