The platform comes with a feature that allows you to verify the mobile numbers to ensure that they are still valid and working. This will help customers minimize cost and avoid sending SMS to invalid mobile numbers. 

1. Login to your account. 

2. In the left side panel, click HLR Number Lookup under Other Tools

3. There are several options to check if a phone number is still valid. 

    a. Users can copy and paste a single number.

    b. You can also copy and paste multiple numbers. 

Note: Ensure to include the country code when copy and pasting the mobile number.

    c. There's also an option to select mobile numbers from an existing list. 

4. Once you're done entering the number or selecting a list, click the Verify Numbers button on the right side. A confirmation message will be displayed on the upper right side of the window. 

5. The verification process will run several minutes depending on how many mobile numbers you're going to verify. 

Learn how to check the reports after verifying the numbers here

The HLR feature to verify phone numbers is available via API as well.

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