licensed toll free numbers from our partner networks and carriers. We connect these toll free numbers to our platform. When a customer reach out to our clients, we play an automated message and opt out option from the customer. The number is connected to a customer via a subscription plan. 

Customers can request for Toll Free numbers and they can be provided with a minimal cost of 0.05 per opt out request. Recipients can then call that number and request to be removed from the campaign. There's also a possibility of a recurring fee per month depending on which country you're sending the SMS to. 

If you send a huge amount of SMS campaigns several times a month, we can give you a subscription on a toll free number that you can use for your SMS campaign. In this case, we highly recommend customers to subscribe to a Toll free number where recipients have the option to unsubscribe. This solution is compatible if your intended recipients are prone to complaints. With an opt out option using a toll free number, we provide you with a simple yet effective method to unsubscribe. 

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